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Multidisciplinary Research Clusters

UCF’s Faculty Cluster Initiative leverages our diverse talent, facilities, location and industry partnerships to foster the development of strong, interdisciplinary teams focused on solving today’s toughest scientific and societal challenges through teaching and research. Bringing together some of the brightest minds creates synergies among diverse disciplines to help generate research breakthroughs.

Among the groups making the biggest gains are the Center for Research in Computer Vision, Florida Space Institute and Faculty Research Clusters. Comprised of faculty across disciplines, the nine clusters are focused on tackling thematic, global issues, including cybersecurity, coastal sustainability, and disability and aging.

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Innovation in Action

When research yields a discovery, what happens next? At the Office of Technology Transfer, our team helps UCF discoveries go public through intellectual property protection, marketing and licensing processes. The office connects UCF researchers with companies and entrepreneurs to take technology to market. By working together, we are able to make the greatest impact.

In addition to collaborating on research and commercialization, we are focused on unprecedented results. UCF professors have been recognized for their innovation and invention by being selected to become fellows of the National Academy of Inventors.