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Office of Compliance

As UCF innovated and updated its enterprise management to the Workday system, the Office of Research’s Compliance Office identified a need to review and renew the Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC) system and the associated Time and Effort Certification Policy. For research institutions, it is critical to mitigate the institutional risks associated with
noncompliant documentation of personnel costs. Per (2CFR), § 200.430, UCF is required to have a system in place for certifying the allocation of time and effort associated with sponsored research, training, and service awards.

With the latest updates to the ECC system and the university’s Time and Effort Policy, UCF can more effectively manage time and effort certification and payroll confirmation. To meet this goal, the Time and Effort Certification Policy was updated with
these points of emphasis:

  1. Having a certification system in place that reflects new changes in association with the
    Workday transition.
  2. Emphasis on direct charging time and effort to sponsored awards.
  3. Emphasis on time and effort allocated to sponsored awards cost shared by the
    university to be properly accounted for by charging a cost share grant.
  4. A new Compensation Reporting course, which provides an overview of the federal
    requirements of time and effort reporting (CITI Program).

With the changes outlined above, it is the Compliance Office’s goal to continue to meet federal, university, and sponsored award policies and regulations.