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Research Highlights from UCF Colleges, Centers, Institutes and Clusters

Across its diverse colleges, centers, institutes and clusters, UCF showcases a spectrum of
research highlights, contributing to groundbreaking discoveries and innovations. UCF’s colleges cover a broad
range of fields, from engineering and medicine to arts, sciences, and optics, each driving forward in their
respective domains.

UCF College Building and Dr.Cartwright

The centers at UCF serve as hubs of expertise and collaboration, fostering research in
areas like technology, education, and healthcare. These centers often spearhead interdisciplinary studies,
generating novel solutions to real-world challenges.

UCF’s research clusters bring together experts from various disciplines to tackle complex
issues such as coastal sustainability, renewable energy, and healthcare advancements. This collaborative
approach amplifies the impact of research endeavors, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

Overall, UCF’s ecosystem of research excellence, spanning its colleges, centers,
institutes and clusters, underscores its commitment to advancing knowledge, driving innovation, and making a
tangible difference in diverse spheres of society.